Got the wedding website up!

That was a bit trying. But after some work, I got it up. You can see it here.

Anyway, the difficult part was getting the image conversion helper working. Since most of that depending on .Net Framework packages and binaries, and as I was switching to .net core, I had to dump a couple crucial functions and find new ways to do the encoding. Luckily, it seems .net core has been around long enough that there were plenty of alternatives. I’ll post on those later, but I’m definitely going to be creating an image conversion web app later on to showcase that part.

The other part that took me a bit was the routing. I wanted to host it under a subpath on this domain, but kept running into issues. I eventually figured it out though, so I’ll be publishing how I did that tomorrow.

But after all that, I got it running, my first .net core mvc site! Not my first site overall, mind you, but still kind of exciting that I can get this stuff working under Linux now.

Anyway, this is a short post. How about a cute picture to make up for it?

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